Allied Patents B.V.

Patent Attorney Services

Allied Patents assists its clients with advice relating to intellectual property rights, such as patents, trade marks and designs. Moreover, we are instrumental in the whole process for obtaining these rights. Drafting applications, prosecution up to grant, and litigation or other conflict resolution services are part of the activities of Allied Patents.

Allied Patents possesses the following officially registered qualifications in house:

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
  • Belgian Patent Attorney
  • European Trade Mark Attorney
  • European Design Attorney

The emphasis of services is directed at patent prosecution and litigation. All procedures can be performed by Allied Patents before:

  • European Patent Office (the Hague and Munich)
  • WIPO (Geneva, PCT/WO applications)
  • Dutch Intellectual Property Office
  • Belgian Intellectual Property Office
  • Dutch Patent Courts
  • OHIM (Alicante, EU Trade Marks and Designs)
  • Benelux Trademarks Office (BE, LU, NL)

In other jurisdictions we rely on our network of agents acting before the official bureaus and courts.

Allied Patents has memberships with the following organisations:

  • European Patent Institute EPI
  • Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys
  • Dutch Contact Group of independent patent offices

Contact information is provided below:

Office address:
's Gravelandseweg 17
The Netherlands
T. +31-30-273 60 30
F. +31-30-273 60 31

Mail address:
Allied Patents B.V.
P/O Box 1551
NL-1200 BN  Hilversum
The Netherlands
's Gravelandseweg 17
NL-1211 BN  Hilversum
The Netherlands